Sleeps from 2 to 13

Xinara House, a beautifully restored former bishop's home in the heart of rural Tinos

Staying at Xinara House – Practical Information

The two International airports nearby are Mykonos and Athens. 
Mykonos (Apr-Oct) is a 30-minute ferry then 20-minute taxi ride (or use the slightly randomly timed bus) to the small, busy airport. Note, ferries and planes can be late in summer, Athens, 3.45 hrs ferry (2+ hrs in summer) to Rafina Port + 20-minute taxi or 35-minute bus to airport. Syros, 30 minute by ferry, also has a daily flight to Athens.

Before booking flights check connecting ferry times on

Athens is a lively interesting city and good for a stopover. 2+ hrs (summer) to 3.45 hrs by ferry (or maybe fly to or from Mykonos or Syros). It is hot in summer, though easy to get around - taxis are everywhere and cheap. There's also a Metro, which goes to the airport. Uber is no longer available.


Please ask our manager who will arrange babysitters and child help.

There are a huge variety, from lonely coves to lively beaches with bars, music and loungers. Our nearest, a few minutes by car is Kolymbithra, a long stretch with a beach bar then just sand (they do some surfing here too). On the opposite side of the island (20 minutes) is Ay. Fokas with a kilometre of sand; at the centre is excellent Marathia restaurant right on the beach. If it's windy, check the direction - generally the leeward beaches are on the SW side.
We have separate pool and beach towels. You are kindly asked not to bring the beach sand into house, causes damages to the floor

Bed linen + bathroom towels are changed every few days. If you need anything please ask the housekeeper.

You can charter a boat to go round Tinos, to distant beaches or Delos island. Best for a group. The manager will organise this.

The housekeepers come to provide breakfast from 9am each day. For anything special, please ask the manager when you arrive.


The Housekeeper will do a basic maintenance cleaning and tidying while visiting to make breakfast. If you would like her to do more, wash clothes, etc. please arrange this with the manager (€20 per hour including tax).

We use helpful and well-priced Vidalis Car Rental. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. +30 2283 024300, and are happy to arrange a car for your arrival. 

If you fancy bouldering/ training on our mountain, look on Walk up to the base from our gates at the top of the gardens.

Use the washing machines, or the housekeeping staff can organise laundry for you. The machine can be set to a one-hour wash + dry for small loads. There will be washing liquid nearby, and a steam iron plus ironing board.

Turn on and make sure the tank at the back is filled with cold tap water. Lift the hinged front at the top and put in a coffee capsule and press to start when the light stops flashing (it takes a couple of minutes to warm up). Lifting the top automatically ejects the previous capsule, but every so often you will need to pull out the front and discard used ones. You can also use it for dispensing hot water for tea etc.

If you would like an meal prepared please discuss this with the manager who can arrange a Tinos cook.

Leave the remote on auto and set the temperature you want. Only works with the windows closed. The system uses a highly-efficient heat exchanger that uses little power but can take a while to achieve the desired temperature.


The premises will be disinfectant-cleaned before your arrival. Xinara House Hand Wash is okay for Covid cleaning of your hands and face. Travel and Test-to-fly Rapid Antigen + PCR tests can be arranged at Xinara House before you leave. 

240v. Call housekeeping if you need help. Occasionally there are short outages.

In the event of accidental fire use the fire blankets in the kitchen or any of the fire extinguishers and call Jenny Prinea +30 697 7514326, and if you need the Fire Brigade; +30 22830 23129
Tinos Police Station +30 22830 22100
Coast Guard +30 22830 22348
Tinos Hospital +30 22833 60000
Road Assistance +30 22830 22222

There are several printed and online guides (Tinos Today) for summer activities, shows, music etc. Most of the 50-odd villages put on a evening party each summer with drink, food, traditional music and dancing for locals. Visitors are welcome. These 'panigyri' are announced on village boards, telegraph poles or word of mouth - ask what's coming up.


Xinara House is powered with green electricity and heat exchangers for electricity, cooling and heating. Rainwater is collected from the roofs and filtered to supplement our own and the village's mountain springs - this is used for the pool, bathrooms and kitchens, and to irrigate the grounds. The gardens are organic.

Ferries go to Syros (good for a night or two), Mykonos (for the airport in summer, shopping + partying) and on to Naxos, or to Athens via Andros (there is no boat services across the narrow sound between Tinos and Andros). There are two Athens ports: 3.45hrs ferry (2+hrs in summer) to Rafina and 50 minutes into town; or Piraeus 4.45 hrs + 15 minute taxi or a Metro journey to the centre. Use Rafina for Athens Airport. 

For ferry times use or Buy tickets online in advance for a car in high summer/ bank holidays and for the small fast summer ferries. Otherwise you can get them near the port or book them on your phone. On Tinos There are many agencies - we use helpful Malliaris Travel on the front in the centre of town +30 2283 024241 who will know about delays or cancellations.


You are welcome to light a winter wood fire in the living room - it works best set towards the back. It is essential to use the fireguard so it does not damage the floor or rug. Ask the housekeeper. 

There is salt, pepper, sugar, coffee, tea, and various non-perishable ingredients in stock. Biggish supermarkets are 10 minutes away (generally 8am – 8pm), but beware, supermarkets and most shops are usually closed on Sundays and holidays. However a few small shops do open in the town on Sunday in the broad road that runs up to the shrine church, Panagia Evangelistria – a good bakers' and excellent dairy shop for example. The vegetable market near the bus station and ferry port has locally-grown produce; 8am till 3pm + Sundays in summer. Ask for Pelican fish shop – a pelican lives here! You can sometimes buy fish off the boats in the old harbour between 9 -10 am. The meat from butchers on Tinos is mostly home produced and excellent.

Enjoy everywhere in the Xinara House gardens and help yourself to whatever fruit and vegetables are ready.

Only the hobs are gas. It runs from cylinders. Call housekeeping if it is losing power - it can be simply switched to another bottle. 

Leave the remote on auto and set the temperature you want. Only works with the windows closed. The system uses a highly-efficient heat exchanger that uses little power but can take a while to achieve the desired temperature.

HOUSEKEEPING +30 697 7514326
Before you arrive our manager, Jenny Prinea will SMS/ WhatsApp you about your arrival, and can help with local information, reservations, etc. 

Frequent ferries go to nearby Syros, the administrative capital of the local islands with squares, old villas and pleasant restaurants, or Mykonos (hugely busy in summer with cruise ships, hundreds of shops and big clubs) for a night/ all-night out. A ferry service from Mykonos old port goes across to tiny Delos with extensive ruins and an archeological museum. Alternatively charter a boat in Tinos's old port (housekeeping will help) to take your group to Delos and dessert island Rineia for a picnic and swim. Further off are larger Naxos island, or, on the way to the mainland Andros 

Keep the front door key with you, and lock all the other doors from the inside. There is very little crime on Tinos, but of course, you never know. There is a safe on the lower floor. If you lose your key call housekeeping.


The first-aid kit is in the kitchen toilet. Pharmacies in the town are helpful and sell numerous normally-prescription drugs. They will suggest a doctor if you need one. There's also a 24-hour Heath Centre at the east end of town. Also see COVID

In the Sala (main room) just call out 'Hey Siri' then what you wish to hear, example 'Hey Siri play Amy Winehouse'. You can also ask it to turn the volume up and down etc, ask the weather, set an alarm, and so on. You can also cast stuff from an Apple phone to it. There's no screen or keyboard. In the Blacksmiths and at the pool are BOSE smart speaker that you can Bluetooth pair with your phone.

Light a wood fire towards the back at least an hour before you want to use it so the walls and floor heat up. When the flames have mostly died down put the fish, meat etc (in a tin with foil over) at the front and close the stone door. Check and turn it if necessary after half an hour.

Mosquitos are occasionally around (note; the larger ones do not bite). Out walking in summer you may come across smallish vipers with a criss-cross pattern down their back - avoid them! If you are bitten go straight to the Health Centre in the town, though there is a snake venom extractor syringe in the first-aid box which will help.


There are tavernas in the nearby villages of Kambos, Ktikados + Krokos and bars in Komi centre. In winter head down to the town, and beyond where there are excellent restaurants. A few we especially recomend are Svoura Bar, Komi, Tereza’s trad. taverna in Mirsini, Marathia restaurant + beach bar at Ig.Fokas, Tarsanas, SE end o Chora harbour, and To Thalassaki restaurant on the quay at Isternia Bay. Ask housekeeping if you would like assistance booking.

Tavernas can also do takeaways, or you can arrange via the manage for someone to cook. 


Karybu home-store in Tinos Town (Chora, ‘hora’) has good beachwear and summer clothes. This is off the pedestrian street leading up to the church lined with curious old-fashioned religious and gift shops with candles, votives, linen, etc. On the other side of town is French-owned Trela with antiques, homeware, accessories and some clothing. Volax in an area of huge spherical boulders littering the landscape has local made baskets and herb stalls. Pyrgos, towards the other end of Tinos has an antique shop amongst boutiques offering marble ware, soap, scents, honey, etc.


The 1.4m-deep water is UV and (mildly) chlorine treated spring-water and Covid-19 safe, though please shower beforehand. Please use the house beach towels and the coloured-plastic pool glasses. There's a small fridge, chargers and a Bluetooth speaker for your phone. T

Are excellent and mostly based in the main town 'Chora'. +30 2283022470, or +30 693 8870222

Toilet paper may be flushed down toilets but no other paper products (such as nappies, tampons, etc).

There is Netflix, etc. Use the white Optoma remote just to press ON. After about 15 seconds press MENU on the small Apple black-and-silver remote. Use your finger along the to upper area of this to navigate and click on apps. Press MENU to go back. When you have finished just walk away – it will turn off. You can cast from your phone for other stuff. Using the DVD player is slight more complicated. You have to change from HTMI 1 to HTMI 2 on the Optoma remote then use the DVD-player remote. Remember to go back to HTMI 1 afterwards.
NOTES: Use the ON, VOLUME and HTMI buttons on the projector remote but leave the other settings untouched. Please do not move the projector or make any adjustments to it (it is fiddly to reset!). Rented/ purchased videos charged to the owners should be settled at departure. 

If you walk out of the gates at the top of the gardens, up past the church and round the right-hand side of the mountain to the opposite side you come to a monastery. A track continues up to the top of Exomvourgo, past the ancient ruined Kastro, to where you see a dozen surrounding islands and look down to Xinara.

Xinara House gardens are alongside the old stone donkey track that leads down to town one way (1¼ hrs) and across to the beautiful quiet beach at Livada the other way (1½ hrs). It also connects with several other ancient routes. Or walk from the village road down through the valley to Komi for a drink. For more information on walking in Tinos:

No need to buy bottled water; the water at Xinara is clean filtered spring water from the mountain. The house fridge has chilled extra-filtered water and an ice machine in the freezer drawer.

XinaraHouse Wifi (password: xinarahouse) works inside and out, nearly everywhere. If you want to print a boarding pass, etc, click HP Printer in your device print-dialogue (it should work anywhere so long as you are wifi connected.

Explore the local production. There has been a renaissance of Tinos wines, some organic and raw, with newly established vineyards using ancient varieties with modern techniques. You can also buy low-priced local wine including excellent rose in plastic bottles (check if it is sweet or dry). Nissos Beer is an award-winning brewery on the island producing organic beers. Aromatic raki is produced everywhere (the village of Falatados's production is locally famous - they hold a festival around 8 September) and is delicious served over ice.

Our small Xinara House vineyard of Greek varieties will start producing rose for 2022. Meanwhile we provide Tinos's highly-rated Volacus rose (or white) which can also be bought €20 per 75ml.

XH August 2021